SKYCOAT™ - The Ultimate Skylight Sealant

SKYCOAT™ - The Ultimate Skylight Sealant

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SkyCoat in 3 gal pail




SkyCoat™ is a resin rich, clear formula used to seal skylights. With the application of SkyCoat™, you can create a shield of protection over your fiberglass or poly carbonate skylight. This will help to protect against oxidation and chalking and helps lessen the impact of environmental factors like acid rain and other pollutants.

  • Extends the life of fiberglass / poly carbonate skylights by creating a pliable layer of protection
  • Helps protect against oxidation and chalking
  • Cures to a clear, durable film

Moisture resistant in 2-4 hours



Wet Material Characteristics:
Viscosity 105 – 110 K.U.
Weight per gallon 8.4 – 8.8 lb.
Solids 58%
Flashpoint of solvent 104° F
VOC <450>
  Cured Coating:
Dry to touch @ 77° F (50% rel. humidity) ~ 4 hrs
Ultimate Elongation 1000% min.
Ultimate tensile strength 1000 psi min.
Peel Adhesion 2.4 pli
Water vapor permeability 0.18 Perms
Moisture absorption -7 day submersion- <0.45%>
Service Temperature -40° - 140° F


Q: Why use a skylight sealant?
A: Using a sealant like SkyCoat™ can prolong the life of your skylight saving money long-term. A leading cause of skylight leaks is deterioration of the material from harsh weather. SkyCoat seals and prevents deterioration.

Q: What makes SkyCoat™ the best solution?
A: SkyCoat™ has been designed and tested specifically for skylights. Often, contractors use improper materials to seal or repair skylights. Only specialized materials are appropriate for use on skylights.

Q: How quickly does SkyCoat™ become an effective protectant?
A: SkyCoat™ should be applied in two coats and is generally moisture resistant in about two to four hours.